What Fingernails Ridges Say about Your Health

Fingernails Ridges

fingernails ridges

You do not need to be too concerned about fingernails ridges if they appear to be in vertical position.

These fingernail ridges begin under the cuticle and run the whole length of the fingernail. It is pretty common to find vertical ridges on the nails. Researchers even say that this has something to do with aging. But, it has often been reported that people who start getting ridges are in their 20’s.

Vertical Fingernails Ridges

Vertical ridges are caused by a number of reasons. One is poor nutrition or reabsorption. It is very important, therefore, that you eat a healthy diet so that you get the right vitamins. You can also take dietary supplements.

I’ve learned early on in life that eating gelatin helps in keeping your nails strong and improve the hair’s quality.

fingernail ridges solutionVertical fingernail ridges are also caused by lack of moisture. Massage oil on your cuticles if your nails have ridges or cracks. This is very helpful especially when you use natural products like me. I use tea tree oil on my nails. This keeps them hydrated all the time. My hands have this tendency to dry out easily even when I’m wearing gloves outside doing yard work. By keeping my hands moisturized, clean and dry, I have gotten healthier and happier skin and nails. Follow the suggestions below for you to get little breakouts and fungus infection.

Horizontal Fingernails Ridges

fingernail ridgesOne must really pay attention to the horizontal ridges on your nails. These kinds of lined ridges strongly indicate serious health problems. During the ancient times, people used signs like these to help them identify and diagnose illnesses. Fortunately, these days we have modern medicine to help us get a solution for problems. A change in nail color or appearance of horizontal ridges indicates that you have been exposed to dangerous toxins like arsenic. Skin diseases such as psoriasis is also indicated by fingernail ridges and nail pitting. Therefore, you must really pay attention to which direction your nail ridges appear.

When there are changes in your nail health, it is a good reminder that your overall health is in danger, and you need to consult a doctor.


  1. i’ve never had nails long enough to click on anhiytng. i think i tried to grow them out once in junior high and my piano teacher hit me with a conductor’s baton during a chopin etude. i think that was the trigger for my neurotic nail-biting habit that i foster to this day.i wonder if when i’m pregnant and my nails are long, my baby will kick me when i click them on the piano. i’ll keep you posted…

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