Effective Low Calories Diet Plan

Low Calories Diet Plan

Low Calories Diet Plan

In our world where we place importance on weight training, ones’ diet must be balanced taking care not to exceed daily calorie allowance. When a person goes beyond his calorie intake limitations, then he begins to store unwanted fats in his body. Fats are very difficult to shed off once they accumulate. People have said that it is much beneficial and easier to go on a low calorie diet plan to keep the fat off than to gain the fat and try to lose it.

You should consider a low calories diet plan if you want to maintain a fit body.

Complex Carbohydrates

good low calories diet planA good low calories diet plan is one that contains lots of complex carbohydrates. A perfect example of a complex carbohydrate would be potatoes. Nope, not French fries but plain good old potato. 60% of our daily dietary needs come from carbohydrates. 75% of our carbohydrate intake should come from complex carbohydrates. The rest of your daily calorie intake should comprise of protein-based foods because they are the building blocks of our muscles.

Calories Intake A Day

You should be consuming at least 1200 calories a day with your low calories diet plan. This would sufficiently supply all your nutrient and mineral needs. It is recommended that a person should not consume below 1200 calories a day because metabolism will slow down and your diet will fail.

How it Works?

Low Calories Diet Plan FoodsFor your low calories diet plan to work out, you should have at least four to six meals a day including snacks. This would not be very big meals of course. Take in fresh and low-fat foods and keep a list of your daily consumption always. Keep your plans simple because it is the best way to achieve success. The food you eat must always be the best quality. Think low fat meats and fish, whole grain cereals, beans, and non-fat dairy products. These are the things which must be found in your diet.

In conclusion, one must always move forward to a healthy muscle building approach with a low calories diet plan. People think that by starving themselves, it would benefit them and they’d lose weight quickly. But sadly, that is not the case. So, don’t starve yourself, never deprive your body of its needs.


  1. It’s true, we should not starve ourselves if we want to live longer and healthier.  Everything in balance and we’ll be okay

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