Does Kelloggs Diet Program work?

Kellogs Diet

kellogs diet

A person doesn’t necessarily have to resort to liposuction if he wants to lose weight. There are lots of diets out there that work and some that don’t. So, one must choose carefully.

The Special K Diet Program

Kellogg’s company, a known breakfast cereal brand, introduced “The Special K diet program” which involves eating only a serving of cereal and 2/3 cup of skimmed milk together with your choice of a Special K-made protein shake or a piece of fruit for breakfast. You can simply add variety to your breakfast with the many assortments of new Special K cereals available in the market.

Kellogg’s greatly advertised this diet program during the past few years as a means of reducing weight. The company actually claims that you can lose up to 6lbs in precisely 2 weeks. However, does this kellogs diet program really work and is this diet program one that everyone should try? Let us find out.

Because the diet program is largely dependent on the Special K products like cereals, protein shakes, and snack bars, you can easily follow the diet because the items are easily available at your chosen grocery market.

Low Fat, High Carbohydrates

healthy kelloggs diet
The Special K diet program actually falls into the category of “low fat, high carb” diet programs. However, if you consume a single serving of Special K instead of let’s say, a big Mac, you’d naturally end up consuming fewer calories, and fat and that is surely an honest conclusion.

All of us, men and women, lose pounds when we consume and ingest few calories and fat every day. This is not difficult to understand. In my opinion, if you stay in this eating routine exactly as it is, then losing 6lbs in 2 weeks is not impossible. However, it will be very challenging to maintain your Special K diet for a period of time. If you think about it, how many people can actually keep on eating 2 bowls of the same cereal every day? Normally, one would get sick of it quickly.

Does it work?

So, to answer the question: “Does this Special K diet program work?” I think that, although this diet program is beneficial, (if used correctly) it doesn’t entirely guarantee a person from keeping the pounds from coming back. It is not impossible for one to be tempted to cheat on his diet unless, of course, you have strong self-control. It is, therefore, not recommended for a long term weight loss method.

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