Does the British Heart Foundation Diet work?

British Heart Foundation Diet

As opposed to what its name implies, the British Heart Foundation Diet isn’t in any way related to the foundation. The origin of the diet’s name remains a mystery even to this day. It is also debatable as to which country this diet started from. Though Britain apparently seems to be the point of origin, some clues in the diet suggest otherwise. For example, one of the recipes in the diet requires Snax crackers, which is, a known product in Australia while some variations of the diet call for Ritz crackers from the US. While we have yet to find out its origin, the British Heart Foundation diet is one of those diets which gained popularity on the net.

The Diet

The British Heart Foundation Diet, or BHFD, guarantees you to lose as much as 10 pounds in just three days. As I’ve said before, there are other variations of this diet. The differences mostly lie on the type of sausages and crackers you use. These differences depend on a country’s culture where it is circulated. One defining quality of this diet is that it provides meal plans for three meals in three days.

Measuring the amount of food is also emphasized in this diet, so investing on a scale for your kitchen or other food measuring device if you want to try this diet, is a must. This diet also recommends drinking at least 5 glasses of water a day.

heart foundation diet Benefits and Risks

The benefits gained from the British Heart Foundation Diet are very few. The diet is considered, for the most part, a quick fix instead of a real weight loss solution. But, once you do shed pounds in just a few days, motivation about a more effective weight loss solution. The real downer with this diet is that there are only limited foods allowed. Various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients will be difficult to get from these.

Does it Work?

As a fad diet, the British Heart Foundation Diet, BHFD, is still not recommended by diet experts and nutritionists. However, you should only consider this diet when you look for a quick fix. Even then, under this diet, most of what you lose would be fluids. It is also suspicious how this diet uses the name of the British Heart Foundation without any connection to it. The British Heart Foundation, in fact, recommends diets that are slow, safe with favorable gradual results. This diet also put you at risk of nutrient deficiencies because of its limited amount of food.


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