Different Sources Of Vitamin C

There are many natural sources of vitamin c.  The concentration of vitamin c differs in these sources greatly from one to the other.  Some of the best sources for vitamin c are fruits and berries.Citrus are good example of vitamin c same as are other fruit.  There is one fruit in particular which has the highest concentration of vitamin c of any other thing in the world.

Most Potent Sources Of Vitamin C

The most potent source of vitamin c on this planet so far that we know of is the Kakadu Plum.  The Kakadu Plum has a potency of vitamin c that is 50 times more than oranges.  It is 5 percent vitamin c.  The numbers for potency read like this 3100 mg/100g of fruit.
The second most potent source from where vitamin c can be obtained is Camu Camu fruit.  The Camu Camu has a potency of 2800mg/100g of fruit.  Both of these are exotic and hard to find fruits.

In most cases we are able to find ourselves processed sources of vitamin c.
Processed vitamin c is chewable, powder, capsule and tablet.We van get it in our foods and in our drinksJuice is fortified, milk is fortified, and cheese is fortified.  We are in a time where almost every food we eat has a source of vitamin c.  There is no shortage in our culture and in western culture of vitamin c.

Oranges or orange juice are the one of the most common source of vitamin c for many people is.  Oranges naturally have a typical potency of 50mg/100g of fruit.  Citrus has always been associated with vitamin c.  In most recommendations it said we need no more than 450mg of vitamin c however some suggest 1,000mg all the way to dosages as high as 10,000mg per day.  When it comes to this controversial nutrient there is no shortage of suggestion as to what is the best daily dosage.  Many people have tried radical daily dosages and others have been more moderate and tried a 2,000mm a day approach.  At 2,000mg a day there seems to be a large following.  Many people feel that this is the magic number and many people feel that the source for the vitamin c should come from natural and processed sources.  In either case the health benefits of this fantastic vitamin have been proven and are real, so make sure that you at least get your minimum recommended dosages of vitamin c and try and consume natural sources of the vitamin.


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